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A-Z Resource List 2014-15: Home

What is a Database?

A Database is a collection of articles, book chapters and other information from reliable sources.

Select one of the databases listed in the middle column to begin your research.

Resources in these databases come from magazines, newspapers, journals,  books and educational videos. Although they are delivered through the Internet, they are not considered "Internet Sources" by your professors. 

Articles from the databases may be printed, saved to a drive or emailed for later use.

Newspaper Databases

These databases offer access to local, national and international newspapers.

All Databases A-Z

NCC Library offers access to many databases for research.  Click the tabs at the top of the page to see our alphabetical list of databases.

You must click on a specific database to do a search. Try a General Database to start.

Click Databases by Subject for a break-down of databases by discipline. 

General Databases: A Good Place to Start

We have some databases that provide research for all subjects and are a good starting point for your research. Click on the links to search these databases.

Journal Search Box

Looking for a particular journal, magazine or newspaper and want to know if NCC has access? This search box will tell you if we have it and which database to use.  It is not for finding articles. It will only look for periodical titles. Ex. Sports Illustrated.


Databases From Home

All databases can be used from home.

If you use the Portal, click on Library and then Library databases.

If you go through the Library homepage, you will be asked for your N# and PIN once you click on the link.

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